Spaghetti Against The Wall & Commercial Cleaning Marketing

Spaghetti Against The Wall, or a Laser Focus?

Is Your Marketing Producing Results?

When companies get sub-optimal results from their commercial cleaning marketing efforts, they’re often working really hard for those results.

Their marketing is going nowhere, but not for lack of trying to do better. So what’s missing?

One word: focus. Let’s take a look.

Shotgun, or Rifle?

Clients often come to me because they’re investing tons of time, money, or (worse yet…) both and still not getting the business development and marketing results they want.

It’s a question of finding the right tool for the job.

These companies are marketing with a scattershot approach rather than a rifle approach.

They’re throwing the spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks, rather than focusing like a laser on their goals and how to get there.

So if you don’t have enough good leads coming in, or if you’re not converting enough of those leads into paying customers, you first need to take a look at your focus.

For starters, do you have a clear positioning statement, like “We’re a commercial cleaning company, serving medical and dental offices in the Miami area,” or “Our commercial cleaning company serves salons and spas in greater Boston, providing high-quality work with a personal touch”?

Otherwise, you’re racking the shotgun and wasting a lot of your marketing budget and energy, because you don’t know who you’re trying to reach (and trying to reach everyone is a losing proposition).

Are You Marketing to 21st Century Clients Using 20th Century Methods?

Another typical mistake: focusing on print advertising (often a waste of money), or having employees grind out continuous cold sales calls inefficient).

Are your efforts 'outdated'?

If you’ve been running your cleaning company for years, or even decades, you probably remember the day when yellow pages listings, shopping cart ads, and clipper coupons were THE way to get results. Combine those with a few cold calls and you were all set!

Unfortunately, that was (literally) the last century, and digital marketing is a whole new world. Not only do you need to get on board, you have to: otherwise, your clients are going to be finding your competition, not you.

Yelp, the local business review service, reports that a whopping 85% of US consumers search online for local businesses. This can easily translate to business decision makers who are also consumers at the end of the day.

So if you’re sticking with your old-school marketing methods, you’re literally missing out on 85% of your potential customers; and that’s no prescription for success.

What’s The True Cost of Your Business Development Efforts?

I talk to lots of commercial cleaning company owners who THINK they’re doing low-cost, or even free marketing. “We have one of our administrative people make sales calls, because we’re paying them anyway.” Or “An ad in the local clipper coupon book only costs us a few hundred dollars a month.”

But after we do a deeper dive, they realize that the waste involved in those efforts is enormous.

That administrative employee could be focusing on keeping your current clients happy, for example.

We all know that it’s a lot cheaper to hold on to a current client than to land a new one. What if, instead of making pointless (and annoying) sales calls, that administrative person could call all of your current clients and see how things are going? What you’re doing well, and what could be done better? You might even get some new business ideas out of those conversations.

And instead of that clipper coupon ad, what if you could hold a customer appreciation event, or send all of your contact people a restaurant gift card as a thank-you gift?

What if, by hiring a professional to implement a robust digital marketing plan, you could actually save money while growing your bottom line?

Because the true cost of those misguided marketing efforts isn’t what you spent on the ads, it’s the opportunities you missed out on.

The true loss isn’t the $500 you spent on the coupon book ad, it’s the $50,000 contract that the other cleaning company in town just landed.

How A Professional Can Help

At BR Marketing, we specialize in one thing: results. If your marketing campaigns aren’t getting the results you want, something needs to change. We’ll work with you to determine:

  • Your marketing goals: do you need more leads coming in the door, more revenue in general, more leads that convert into customers?

  • Your constraints: what’s holding you back?

  • A roadmap for success: what do we need to do to make this your most successful year yet?

  • Are you ready? Like all great relationships, we make sure that there is full commitment to success both ends. We uncover this on our free strategy session call.

  • How to make our services pay for themselves. When it comes to digital marketing, your marketing dollars should be paying off twofold, threefold, or more. 

Find out why small business owners have trusted our founder, Bref McHugh, to generate over $10 million in sales for them.

Want to scrape that spaghetti off the wall and find your laser focus? Let’s chat.

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