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Marketing your business shouldn’t hurt.

If I say, “digital marketing,” and you think “expensive, annoying, and a waste of time,” then something’s going wrong.

In fact it’s never been easier to attract new clients, familiarize them with your products and services, and convert them into paying clients. With the proper digital marketing strategy, you should know where every marketing dime is going, and where every click is coming from. Your digital marketing should be an ROI-generating machine.

You should know exactly how much you are getting back from every $1 you put into your marketing efforts.

Let’s take a closer look.

The majority of my clients are already doing some sort of marketing when they come to me. They have a website…but it’s not generating many business inquiries. Maybe it’s not generating any leads.

They’re 'on social media'. Sometimes they’re on lots of social media. But it’s the same story: when I ask them to name the last time they got an inbound inquiry from their social media presence, they honestly can’t remember. Maybe they’ve never landed an actual paying client through social media.

Google? "Yes people find us through Google" some say.

SEO or SEM? "Uh-huh?" OMG.

Ask: What are doing? Where are you spending? What is it returning?


Many lack focus, and they’re trying to handle their entire online presence manually, with zero automation.

When a thought pops into their heads, they post it on one of their social media accounts. But then, they’re done.

They've asked for some reviews on Google and they have a guy who is "helping to get them ranked on page page one".

Maybe they've even tried direct mail or radio ads.

They forget about exactly what specific outcome they need to grow revenue and they go back to putting out fires within their business, rather than working ontheir business.

They have no consistent message or clear marketing target. It’s not hard to see how this quickly translates into:

  • Lack of results
  • Loss of confidence in the whole idea of digital marketing
  • Sinking tons of time and money into promotion, then deciding that “digital marketing doesn’t work”
  • Falling back on the same outdated marketing techniques that aren’t bringing in enough leads to start out with

The Good News

Installing an ROI-generating machine in your business is easier than you think.

Here’s the difference when you work with me: my business is 100% (literally, 100%) about client results. If you’re not seeing measurable, trackable results such as:

  • More incoming leads; desirable clients knocking on your door rather than the other way around
  • More new clients
  • Increased revenue

…then you’re wasting valuable time and money.

And nobody really wants to do that. Not you and not me.

That’s why my clients love my results-orientated relationship with their business. We don’t over promise and we only work together if we are a good fit.

I hate it when people waste my time and money. Listen, as business owners we work hard for our success. But running a successful business means doing what you do best, and partnering with experts to help move your business to the next level and accelerate results.

When you work with me to grow your business, we will get that ROI-generation machine in motion. You can expect:

  • Expert guidance to identify one clear goal for your marketing campaign. Do you want to increase sales in a specific service offering? Double your revenue? Grow your overall client base? I’ll talk to you, and more importantly I’ll listen to you, to identify your goal.
  • A done-for-you client acquisition system with every step aimed at your specific result. Forget about wishy-washy targets like “increasing brand recognition.” I know that what you really want is more leads, better client appointments, and more money in the bank. My proven digital marketing systems will help you get there.
  • A 100% results-focused approach. My ultimate goal is that you, like many of my clients, tell me that your biggest problem is keeping up with your inbound inquiries. Forget about cookie-cutter approaches. I’ll keep tailoring your plan until you see the results you want.


The result of this is that you will have a predictable system to generate consistent results and you'll know how your marketing is performing down to the dollar and day.

Here’s another factor to consider: lots of businesses are recognizing the ROI-generation value of digital marketing.

But is that media-savvy business you, or the competition?

Whether you love or hate the idea of digital marketing, it really comes down to this…

If your business isn't growing, it’s shrinking.

Like a stagecoach driver insisting that the automobile is a passing fad, you’ll be stuck relying on potential clients to see your newspaper ad, billboard, or phone book listing while your competitors are busy hiring staff to deal with the incoming leads from their online presence.

Don’t be that stagecoach driver.

Let me help you take the next step by setting up your own ROI-generating machine.

Click below to schedule your free strategy session, and let’s start talking about how to make this your best year yet.

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