Selling Your Services On Value, Rather Than Price

Selling Your Services On Value, Rather Than Price

Tips For Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Companies

Lots of clients come to me with a straightforward problem that requires a custom solution: they’re sick of competing on price alone.

When the next company in town cuts their prices by even a small amount, some businesses feel that they have to follow suit and cut their prices too.

And that's a slippery slope...

​Is there a way out?

Yes, absolutely!​

I’ve identified five ways out of the price-based competition madness for commercial cleaning and janitorial companies.

​1. Narrow Your Target Market

Be able to say, in one sentence, what segment of the cleaning and janitorial market you’re going after. Don’t try to be all things to all clients.

2. Have confidence in what you’re offering.

When clients try to negotiate, explain how you’re different from the lower-priced competition. Communicate the immense value that you bring to the table, and show that the customer’s investment in your services will pay off.

Elite janitorial services keep a workplace clean and healthy and can help reduce​ employee sick-days. And what price can you place on reliability and trust-worthiness? 

3. Get in front of the right people, at the right time.

Where are your potential clients looking for a commercial cleaning company?

Well, you know it's not in the yellow pages. It's in a digital environment. It's online. Stop wasting money on outdated methods and connect with your target market online, where they can contact, and schedule an assessment or walk-through with you right away.

4. Use your satisfied customers as your extended marketing team.

Get a testimonial from every happy client, and immediately post it on your website or use it your online marketing.

5. Speak to your customers’ pain points.

Maybe your potential clients have had negative experiences with cleaning companies that didn’t show up, did a sloppy job, ignored specific instructions or left damage in their wake. Capitalize on that: show how you’re committed to doing an excellent job every time.

BONUS: Make it personal.

Customers want to know that you see them as more than a number. Personalize the relationship with handwritten notes, phone calls to ask how everything’s going, and make an effort to accommodate each customer’s specific preferences when it comes to cleaning.

At BR Marketing, we’re focused on one thing: great marketing results for our clients and generating ROI. Using our proven digital marketing strategies, we’ll help you find clients who understand the value you bring. If you’d like more leads, customers, and sales for your commercial cleaning or janitorial service, let’s talk today. Contact our Founder and Results Specialist - Bref McHugh at [email protected] to schedule your free strategy session.