How To Start a Blog

Blog quickstart

I’ve learnt from experience that the hardest thing in completing anything is just getting started.

Working out.

Moving to a new place.

Cooking a meal.

Starting a business.

A blog is central to your business success for a number of reasons:

  • Build Trust Online
  • Establish Yourself as an Expert
  • Turn strangers into friends
  • Improve Your SEO
  • People buy from people they know.

Anyway, we’re keeping this quick. Let’s go:

How To Start a Blog

  1. Decide what to blog about.
  2. Choose a blogging platform.
  3. Find a host. (We love Bluehost)!
  4. Pick a domain name. (You can do this through host provider also).
  5. Install WordPress.
  6. Design & use your blog!

Your challenge: Start a blog today.

Commit to 15 minutes each day with the goal of writing 100- 250 words. At the end of a week, you’ll have 500+ words and a blog post.

Need more help? Check out this video from Pat Flynn who shows you how to set up a blog in less than 4 minutes.

Good luck!